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2022 October

Moving Culturally in Dance Movement Therapy: Understanding Diversity of Backgrounds, Body Language and Traditions.

Guest presenter with Rewa Fowles with Jan McConnell and Sarah dos Santos

Online on Zoom

Organised by the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia.

2021 September
Resilience and Renewal: Dance/Movement Therapy in Challenging Times - Community webinar in response to COVID19.

Guest speaker with Lisa Roll (BC-DMT) and Minh Bui (R-DMT),
Online on Zoom.

Organised by Vietnam Dance/ Movement Therapy.

2021 July/August

Coming Home - Community workshops in response to COVID19,

Online on Zoom,

Funded by Irish Aid, administered by the Center for Sustainable Development Studies

Organised by Vietnam Dance/ Movement Therapy and PsycHub, Viet Nam

2020 ​September

Equinox: Moment of Balance

Online, Organised by Global Site Performance, USA

2015 May

Creative Authentic Movement Workshop with Mom and Kids
Held at Dance & Performance Studio,
The Film and Theatre University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


2012 January                    

Masks & Me - Visual Video Performance 
The Film and Theatre University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

2009 July   
The Imagination Portrait – from Fine Art to Performance Art Documentary, directed by Nguyen Vo Ngoc Diem (Jennie Nguyen) 
Singapore Documentation Film Festival, Singapore   

2009 May 

Recession Shopaholics (Live Performance in Open Public) 
In participation in the Singapore Art Festival
Bugis Junction, Singapore Art Festival, Singapore

2008 October  
Reflection – Image (Live performance in Open public)
Finalist of “2008 CDEF Talent Prize”,

Organized and funded by Danish Embassy, Van Ho Culture Center, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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