I enjoy the process of making art, working with different materials, believing that any and each kind of material allows me different perspectives and feelings. This in turn encourage me to harness and apply my ideas thus transforming my visions to realisations. Therefore I can express myself fully to achieve my ultimate goal of making art come to life and in doing so, to have people receive my art as a gift of life.

Creative movement is any improvisational and spontaneous movement generated by inner resources rather than a set routine or formal technique (smauff2, 2010). All movement is correct and the process of moving takes precedence over the product. Each individual and her own mind and body influence the result.

​Creative Dance and Movement

​Dance for community - Movement for connection!

Birds sing their songs in the ivory cage

an proposal for art installation project

Urban-ese and Urban-ian

Series of mixed media paintings.

From Ho Chi Minh City in 2005, I started to work on “Slum and Sunshine Life Series,” ideas spring from a dream I have had since childhood. At this time, everyone in my country was desperately poor. The Vietnamese had a saying then: “No one is richer, no one is poorer.” We all lived in the same situation, in the same kind of houses—some, like mine, made of cardboard—that are known as “slums.” Since that time, some of my friends have become wealthy, some not, but all of us have retained unforgettable good memories. We played under the rain, swam in green rivers, ran through the noisy markets... I want to keep our wonderful childhood memories alive.

Since then, I have been collecting materials to work on more series. I wish I had done more, but could not find time to turn my materials to artwork. "Shanghais" was the second one I did for private collectors only, per requests. The Shanghai Skyline collage had been auctioned by the Heart to Heart Shanghai Charity Organisation.  

​I am currently working on the "Auckland" series.


Cú Mèo Blog

Where I stand for darkness...

I started this personal blog in 2009 to collect my travel experience. Since the Night Owl Art website is built, I have become less and less interacting with this blog. To merge everything at once, I put the link here for anyone who would interest. The blog had been a good writing exercise for me in both Vietnamese and English.