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Shall we dance?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

"We dance from the moment our feet touch the Earth" - Sharon Chaiklin

Creative movement is any improvisational and spontaneous movement generated by inner resources rather than a set routine or formal technique (smauff2, 2010). All movement is correct and the process of moving takes precedence over the product. Each individual and her own mind and body influence the result. The teacher may guide this impetus to move using suggestions, forms, and exercises. There are no levels, competition, or necessary abilities. [Authentic Movement, Children, and Autism - Marie Abaya].

It is my dream to live in this beautiful island and run a dance movement group which benefits to community, especially for the children and the elders. This is an low income, low socio but good community. I find dance movement practice is a great form to introduce to the islanders. "Move for connection. Dance for community."

The first dance movement workshop in Great Barrier Island were held in 07 July 2016. I was so grateful to move with others brave lovely beautiful movers. Since then, there are adult and children monthly Dance Movement classes for community; class for seniors; class in school setting. It is supported by the Aotea Family Support Group along with Aotea Claris Art Gallery and local community.

Working in Dance Movement Therapy field is a privilege and a deeply gratifying experience. In my two and a half years since I got introduced to the practice, I gain so much trust and love from clients and their caregivers and build up my confidence to work in such a challenging field. I have grown in the practice mentally and physically. It brings me friends, colleagues, mentors and a new purpose of life while living in a new foreign country. I am proud to be a part of this.

When I was visiting Vietnam in May 2015, I have organized a workshop in HCMC to see if there are possibilities/ opportunities that Vietnamese parents want to experience the move and the dance. I saw the children enjoys our time together and the adults were pleased with its outcomes. Thank you all for your attendance and your brave contributions to the program. This is another dream to bring Dance Movement to Vietnam. Some of my dance colleagues already started some introduction workshops. I want to be a part of it.


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