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Day 1.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

A day like today, when the weather is too bad and the classes are cancelled because no attendee, I sit in an empty space and move with myself.

Then the idea comes to life.

I challenge myself in a new performance project - the 30 days Authentic Movement Challenge to raise the awareness of this practice in Australasia and South East Asia. While I am surrounding with wonderful movers, I personally feel this practice needs to be shared to people who have not tried it yet. And nothing to let the world knows better than Social Media channels. At the end of this project, I will analyze how far this one reaches and think of a new way to connect us together in this digital world.

So here I am.

... 30 days Authentic Movement Challenge Project - Ann Way

Day 1 (22 July 2017)

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand



So what is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound process between a Mover and a Witness. The Mover closes eyes and follows inner impulses. Listening deeply to inner stirrings the mover brings un/preconscious material through the body into consciousness. The Witness sits eyes open and tracks their own experience in relation to the mover and notices their projections, interpretations and judgements. The Witness holds the consciousness or container particularly in the beginning. This practices develops presence and can be used for therapy, personal growth, a spiritual practice or as creative material for art projects.

As my teacher Connor Kelly quotes:

Throughout our lives we long to be seen in our wholeness. Daniel Seigel suggests “…not just want to be seen we want to feel felt.”


If you are interested in my movement video project, please leave your comments starting "I am the witness who see or feel" or uploading a drawing/sketch/writing how you witness my movement or a video of you doing Authentic Movement and tag me in with hashtag

#30daysAuthenticMovement Videos duration will be around 15-20 minutes.

Close your eyes and move your body without music, just your inner-self.

Day 1. Spine and Spin. Sketching movements.

This project is for me and you, to honor the practice and create more awareness of the Authentic Movement in practice via social media around South East Asia and Australasia.

Please share and looking forward to move with you all online.

Love and bless, Ann - The Night Owl Art

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