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Day 6.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

30 days Authentic Movement Challenge Project - Ann Way

Day 6 (04 February 2018)

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Pool of movement.


I sit on the floor moving my head from side to side. I stretch my spine. I extend my arms as far as I can reach. I feel my space. I want to reclaim my space. It belongs to me.

I sense the energy runs inside me. The energy connects my bones within my thirteen joints, my tissues and my muscles. I move wildly around the room. I play with body, with space, with effort and shape. I feel playful. I am excited. I enjoy my exploration. I run wild. My space is getting wider and wider. I want to be free. My own freedom. My space. My body.

Inside me there are two levels, two spaces. One is on the floor laying where I feel relax and ground. One is on the feet standing where I want to grow and expand, open and offer. These two merge well together, like brothers, sisters, husband and wife. Yin and Yang. Black and White. You and me. The whole. Extending and Grounding. Like a tree.

I am a tree.


If you are interested or like my movement video, please leave your comments starting "I am the witness who see or feel" or uploading a drawing from my movement or a video of you doing Authentic Movement and tag me in with hashtag #30daysAuthenticMovement Videos duration will be around 15-20 minutes. This project is for me and you, to honor the practice and create more awareness of the Authentic Movement in practice via social media around South East Asia and Australasia.


From the Night Owl.

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